Friends & Family Flights

Friends & Family Hot Air Balloon Flights 

Refundable - conditions apply

Valid for 12 months 


Adults   13 years +      345 pp

Children  6 – 12 yrs     295 pp

Include breakfast at Chateau Yering Hotel - 35 pp


REMINDER - Important Breakfast Information

Until further notice, when Chateau Yering Hotel re-open, they will cater for breakfast on a Saturday, Sunday & Monday only.  Passengers who book to fly other days & have breakfast included in their package, will receive a Breakfast Voucher after the flight, so you may book and enjoy on another day at your leisure.


Fun in the Yarra Valley with a sunrise hot air balloon flight, perfect for your closest friends & family to come together & enjoy

Allow 3-4 hours for the ballooning experience and additional time if breakfast is included

Flight time approx 1 hr

Meeting Time:  Approx 1 hour before first light - Yarra Valley

Basket Height:  Approx 1100mm / 1.1 metres

Each basket has foot holes used for embarking and disembarking the balloon.  These also provide a perfect viewing opportunity for children.

Friends & Family rates are not exclusive flights


BONUS - Free in-flight photography on most flights at the pilots discretion

COMPLIMENTARYFlight Certificate emailed post flight, a great memento of your special time together floating over the Yarra Valley



Select your package from the drop down options

Add breakfast at Chateau Yering Hotel $35 pp from the drop down list

Rates are already discounted, no further discounts apply

Select your flight date, complete the Booking Form & submit

Your Flight Itinerary Confirmation will be emailed to you immediately

Read your Confirmation and don't forget to 'check-in' with the pilot the evening before your flight between 6 - 7pm (18:00 - 19:00), this is when you will receive the information for the morning & the meeting time

Don't forget to bring a small snack (piece of fruit) & water bottle for the children, it's an early start and a few hours before breakfast

Plan a bathroom stop before arriving at Chateau Yering Hotel

All passengers require comfortable, enclosed, flat shoes, a hat and sunglasses

Most flights proceed on the scheduled day, however, if the weather is not suitable the pilot may cancel

If you are unable to reschedule, these packages are refundable. Email your request to our office within 14 days of the pilot cancelling your first confirmed flight.

Alternatively, your family package is valid for 12 months and you are welcome to complete a Reschedule Request and fly with us a better day



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