Go Wild Ballooning Terms & Conditions

Important Information: Prior to booking or purchasing through Go Wild Ballooning please ensure that all participants have read and agreed to the following Terms & Conditions. If you do not accept our T&C’s please contact our reservations office prior to booking or purchasing any of our services. Payment received for any service provided by Go Wild Ballooning is acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. 

Definitions: Service refers specifically to the hot air ballooning mentioned on this documentation and generally to the range of products offered by Go Wild Ballooning including accommodation / winery tour packages and customised activities arranged by agreement. Service operator refers to Go Wild Ballooning or any independent contractor supplying/delivering the services to you under the terms of your agreement with Go Wild Ballooning.

Booking A Flight:

We fly 7 days a week weather permitting.  Weekends can book out in advance so book early to secure your preferred date.  We generally have availability midweek so if our weekends are full, try booking midweek Monday – Friday.  Go Wild Ballooning reserve the right to fly with a minimum of 6 passengers.

Balloon Observers / Followers:

Go Wild Ballooning does not allow nor does it encourage ‘balloon observers or balloon followers’. They will be restricted from entering any private landowner property, any gated or restricted council property either in Go Wild Ballooning vehicles, in privately owned vehicles or on foot.  Balloon observers are restricted to public areas & roads only and under no circumstances are they to enter any private or gated / locked property unless they have written authority from the private landowner or relevant council. Go Wild Ballooning will not be held liable for injury, damage or loss to any persons who trespass. We request that passengers discourage their friends and family from being a balloon observer or follower. Balloon launch and landing sites differ daily depending on the wind speed and direction.

Weather / Meteorology:

Ballooning is a weather dependant activity & the majority of our scheduled flights do proceed. Passenger safety is our first priority and your CASA approved pilot trained in meteorology will cancel if conditions are unsafe.  No aviation flight or activity is ever 100% guaranteed. Passengers who make their own ‘weather call’ and cancel their booking less than 7 days from the confirmed flight date or on the flight morning will be deemed a Late Cancellation / No Show. Please avoid following Melbourne weather forecasts and in particular long-range forecasts that are not relevant to early morning ballooning in the Yarra Valley.  Go Wild Ballooning has registered access to detailed weather reports from the Bureau of Meteorology specific to ballooning in the Yarra Valley. Contact reservations if you need to reschedule a flight cancelled by the pilot and ensure your have completed your flight by the expiry date.

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates can only be purchased direct through Go Wild Ballooning via the website or direct with the reservations office. Gift Certificates are redeemed online. Click the Redeem your Gift Certificate button on the homepage and complete the Gift Certificate Booking Request Form. Valid only when payment is received in full from the purchaser, open dated and valid to the expiry date thereon. Gift Certificate validity is from the date of purchase to the expiry date. Validity does not commence from the date of the first booking. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded in part or full.  Gift Certificates are non-transferrable unless a medical certificate is provided by a registered practitioner and provided in the name of the recipient. In this instance a name change fee of $25 pp applies, the expiry date remains the same. Should your Gift Certificate require extending past the expiry date reinstatement fees apply $50 per person for 3 months and $100 per person for 6 months. Customers are also required to pay the difference up to the current rate on the equivalent flight package. Extension purchases take effect from the expiry date and if payment is made after the expiry date, validity will be back dated. Extension fees are strictly non-refundable.

Specials:  Discounted & Non-Refundable

Purchased direct through Go Wild Ballooning are processed in full at the time of purchase & are strictly non-refundable. Valid for 12 months from the first confirmed flight date. Suitable for passengers who live local to the Melbourne & Yarra Valley areas who have the flexibility to reschedule if required and complete the flight package by the expiry date. Bookings made after the expiry date will incur additional reinstatement fees $50 pp for 3 months, $100 pp for 6 months. Customers are also required to pay the difference up to the current rate on the equivalent flight package. Transferrable to other individuals – fees apply $25 pp valid only for the period indicted thereon / expiry date. Reinstatement & ownership transfer fees are strictly non-refundable.

Vouchers: Bookings, Rescheduling a Cancelled Flight & Extensions

Discounted vouchers purchased through a booking agency & not directly through Go Wild Ballooning must adhere to the Terms & Conditions provided upon purchase/website, on the Voucher, Booking Form & Flight Itinerary. Non-refundable unless otherwise stated. The flight package must be completed by the expiry date advertised to avoid additional extension fees. Vouchers are non-transferrable upon redemption / booking. Not recommended for interstate or international customers on holiday or short stay itinerary.  Voucher extensions available see Booking Form & Flight Itinerary.

Premium Refundable Packages & Obtaining Refunds – Apply to Premium & Proposal Flights only

Refunds apply to monies received (deposit or payment in full) for our refundable packages only. Refund requests are accepted via email gowild@gowildballooning.com.au within 14 days of the first confirmed flight cancellation.  Our pilots are the only authorised persons who may cancel a confirmed flight. Refunds are processed within 21 days less a non-refundable administration fee $20 pp. Refunds are processed back to the credit card provided at the time of booking. Winery tours, accommodation, gift certificates, specials & vouchers are strictly non-refundable once purchased.

Accommodation & Winery Tours:

Are not affected by weather and will still proceed as per your confirmation / itinerary even if the flight is cancelled by the duty pilot.  Failure to show will result in a forfeit of any monies paid for that service.  Reschedule your flight package as soon as possible and ensure you have completed your flight by the expiry date. These packages are non-refundable once purchased.

Melbourne CBD Hotel Transfers:

Available to purchase in conjunction with our Premium & Proposal refundable packages. Upon email request reservation staff will send the Melbourne CBD Hotel Transfer Booking Form. GWB reserve the right to transfer a minimum of two passengers from hotels within area code 3000 only. GWB cannot guarantee an available driver at short notice.  UBER is highly recommended for late notice Melbourne CBD transfers. Fees are non-refundable if the flight is cancelled by the pilot whilst you are in transit from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley or upon having arrived at the meeting point / launch site. In most cases the flight would be cancelled by the pilot before the driver arrived at your hotel.  In this instance you would not be charged for this service.    

Private Flights for 2 / Proposal Flights:

Deposit of $100 pp will be processed to secure your booking prior to emailing a Flight Confirmation / Itinerary. 7 days before the flight date the balance owing is placed on a ‘pre-authorisation hold’ in preparation for banking on the flight morning. Passengers need to ensure they have available funds on their credit card for the pre authority hold. Unavailable funds may jeopardise your booking. If your flight is cancelled by the duty pilot please reschedule & ensure you have completed your flight package by the expiry date. If breakfast was booked through Go Wild Ballooning it will also be cancelled. Any attempt to fly after the expiry date will incur extension fees $195 per person for 6 months back dated to the expiry date. No changes or additions accepted within 14 days of the flight date. Strictly non-transferrable. Minimum of 14 days notice is required in writing via email if you wish to postpone & reschedule or cancel your confirmed flight booking.

Medical Requirements:

If any passenger nominated on a Booking Form or Gift Certificate knowingly has an injury, illness or medical condition that may prevent them from participating in the hot air ballooning activity, they are required to see their doctor & have the clinic email Go Wild Ballooning a Medical Clearance Certificate. This email is required no less than 7 days before the confirmed flight date.  

Passenger – Late Cancellations, No Shows & Medical Emergency Cancellations:

Minimum of 7 days notice is required in writing via email if you wish to cancel or postpone your confirmed flight booking. 14 days notice is required if you have purchased a Proposal Package / Private Flight for 2.  ‘No Shows’ & Late Cancellations refer to individual members of a booking or all the members in a booking who cancel or postpone less than 7 days prior to the confirmed flight date, or do not follow the ‘Pre-Flight Instructions’ on their Flight Itinerary and fail to phone the duty pilot at the ‘check-in’ time and either do not arrive at the balloon meeting point on time, arrive late and miss their flight. Passengers who make their own ‘weather call’ and decide they do not want to fly will be deemed a ‘No Show’ / Late Cancellation.  Any monies owing will be banked in full, the booking made non-refundable and a rebooking will not be considered. The exception is when a Medical Certificate is provided by a Registered Medical Practitioner.  This document must be signed, dated and received via email either before or on the flight date.  In this instance a complete rebooking will be granted. The booking however, will be non-transferrable or refundable and the flight package is required to be completed by the expiry date.  A Medical Certificate received after the flight date and / or back dated by a registered medical practitioner will not be accepted and will be forwarded to management for consideration only

Flight Cancellations & Rebooking a Cancelled Flight:

The duty pilot is the only person who is authorised to cancel a scheduled confirmed flight. If your flight was cancelled by the Go Wild Ballooning duty pilot please contact reservations as soon as possible to rebook. All passengers need to factor in the possibility of a short notice cancellation. Cancellations may occur due to a number of reasons including but not limited to weather, mechanical & a change in operational limitations.

Flight booking & payment details will be held in credit until the expiry date located on your Itinerary Confirmation. Please do not leave it to the last minute or close to the expiry date to rebook, Go Wild Ballooning cannot guarantee availability at late notice. Weekends can book out in advance, if they are unavailable, look at rebooking midweek and please avail yourself to reschedule as many times as necessary to ensure your flight is completed by the expiry date.  It is your responsibility to make as many attempts as necessary to fly or your booking may expire. A booking made after the expiry date will incur additional reinstatement fees $50 pp for 3 months, $100 pp for 6 months. Transferrable to other individuals, fees apply $25 pp and are valid only for the period indicated thereon / expiry date. Reinstatement & ownership transfer fees are strictly non-refundable.

If you purchased a Proposal Package / Private Flight for 2 please see below for rescheduling & extension fees.


On the rarest of occasions the duty pilot may deem a flight to be of poor quality or the flight is of a short duration less than 30 minutes, they may offer all passengers a re-fly free of charge.  This offer is for the flight portion only and can only be taken midweek.  This offer is valid for 3 months only from the original confirmed flight date. It is the passenger’s responsibility to contact reservations to reschedule and complete the re-fly offer within the 3 month validity. This offer is non-transferrable. No rebooking request will be accepted after 3 months.

Credit Card Fees:

If applicable fees are clearly displayed on your booking / purchase form and will be processed accordingly.  All bookings and orders made online direct through the Go Wild Ballooning website will incur a flat fee of 1.5% on all purchases.  GWB reserve the right to accept VISA & Master Card only. Credit card fees are strictly non-refundable.


Under no circumstances will Go Wild Ballooning be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost or damaged property, lost profits or savings or damages for disappointment. Go Wild Ballooning may arrange for the hot air ballooning to be performed under a ‘code sharing’ arrangement.  It may sub-contract another company to provide you with your flight.  In such instances Go Wild Ballooning accepts no liability in connection with such services or for any loss, injury or damage to or in respect of any person or property.  Go Wild Ballooning reserves the right to alter contents or products and location when deemed necessary.  Go Wild Ballooning does however, warrant providing services of equal nature and value. In the event that a service must be delayed, cancelled or rescheduled, Go Wild Ballooning will not accept any liability for travel, accommodation, loss of income, inconvenience or other costs incurred or lost through such cancellations / delays.  All passengers need to factor in the possibility of a short notice cancellation. Cancellations may occur due to a number of reasons including but not limited to weather, mechanical & a change in operational limitations.

Passenger Responsibility:

To complete your Go Wild Ballooning package before the expiry date, therefore do not leave it close to the expiry date to book.  Allow time to reschedule if needed and complete your package by the expiry date to avoid additional extension fees.  If weekends are not available, try booking midweek.  It is your responsibility to make as many attempts as necessary to fly or your booking may expire. Ensure you have received relevant documentation prior to your flight date.  All bookings are processed and confirmed within 6 hours or the next business day.  We phone passengers immediately if an email bounces back due to a incorrect address otherwise we assume you have received your Flight Itinerary Confirmation.  Some email addresses eg. Hotmail, Live & Yahoo.com may send information straight to your Junk Box & Spam folder – please check prior to contacting us.  Go Wild Ballooning require 3 days notice to resend a Flight Itinerary eg. if your booking is on the weekend or Monday we would need to know before 3pm on Friday. 

Go Wild Ballooning Reservations:   

Open: Monday to Friday & some weekends during our high season

Hours: 9am – 3pm (15:00)

Closed: Weekends & Public Holidays

A:  621 Maroondah Hwy COLDSTREAM VIC 3770 Australia 

P:  +61 3 9739 0772 

E:   info@gowildballooning.com.au       

W:  gowildballooning.com.au

Afterhours Phone Number Available: +61 3 9739 0772 follow the prompts

Terms & Conditions may be subject to change without notice