Meeting Time & Check In Information

Flight for Thursday 24th August 2023 is proceeding

To check in for your flight please reply to your text with your name and “YES”.

We are meeting at 5.30am at Chateau Yering

Chateau Yering

What to Wear & What to Bring

Ground & Air Temperature – are similar however, balloon burners do radiate heat
Clothing Layers –mornings are often cool so wear layers that you can easily remove as the day warms
Casual Outdoor Clothing –  we often land in farm paddocks, dress accordingly for an outdoor activity
Balloon Burners – can drip water that may discolour or damage clothing
Jacket & Sturdy Shoes – wear a jacket & sturdy, protective, outdoor shoes, high heels & thongs are not allowed.  We often launch & land in uneven agricultural / long grass paddocks
Change of Shoes & Socks – the ground is often dewy so bring a spare pair of shoes and socks that you can change into after your flight.

Hat & Sunglasses – wearing a hat is recommended, the burners radiate heat.  Mornings that are cloudy or sunny can also be very glary, don’t forget your sunglasses
Long Hair – before inflation, during the flight & upon landing, all passengers are to tie up long hair (below collar length) and tuck it into their clothing / jacket for the duration of the experience
Scarves – before inflation, during flight & upon landing, scarves and all loose items of clothing must  be tucked into jackets for the duration of the experience or removed & left in the retrieve vehicles
Water Bottle – you may be with us for up to 4 hours, please bring your own personal water bottle especially during the warmer months